Messages for the Tree of Hope at Lambeth College on 16 May 2018

1.       I hope that we all live peacefully in this community. Always be nice and kind hearted also helpful to one another.

2.       I like that.            Rahma

3.       I hope that I can be happy and successful in my life and to make sure my family stays with me.

4.       You guys the best fun.

5.       Welcome to the forest.

6.       Peace and love.

7.       Que alla paz en toda el mundo.

8.       Hope for peace and love in the future for all.

9.       I would want the world to live in peace and happiness and may Lord protect us from evil.

10.   Life never give you what you want, but your faith keeps you going in life. Remember to share your kindness to people.

11.   I hope that we all have a very peaceful community, where there is no violence or hate against anyone.

12.   I am very happy in this charity. Thank you. “All different all equal”.

13.   Good luck.

14.   People are the power!

15.   I hope for a safe housing accommodation and the safety of our children.

16.   We love you.      Sana.

17.   Heal my sister and brother.

18.   Always respect your family. Love your mother.

Lambeth Youth Faith Forum

The story of LYFF

Leading up to the launch of LYFF on 14 June 2011 a communications project was completed by Hussain Bapulah.  

LYFF riots image


This led on to a project which focused particularly
on the street disturbances of early August 2011
and a survey was carried out during September.

In December 2011, Hussain  published a personal reflection based on the survey. 


hussain and anton


 Then Anton Bartick led an events project
and arranged meetings at the Karibu education Centre
on 11 March and 1 April 2012 at which Hussain presented his reflection for debate.





Attention then turned to shared acts of service, using the DCLG programme called 'A Year of Service' as a guide.

Meeting the stranger
Barbecue lunch at Christ Church Streatham on 27 May 2012
Lambeth inter faith walk (7 centres) on 14 July 2012

Caring for the environment
Garden weeding at Woodlawns Day Centre on 30 July 2012
Promoting the offer of saplings to 13 centres on inter faith walks - October/November 2012

Anton Bartick concluded his year with LYFF by organising the Inter Faith Board Games event at the Karibu education Centre on 25 November 2012.

Melba Mwanje took over as LYFF coordinator in February 2013, and continued until April.

In May 2013 FTiL was awarded a Youth Faith & Hope Prize for LYFF by Faiths Forum for London, and Anton received the cheque at a presentation ceremony at Methodist Central Hall on 24 June.

ffl-colour             youth-faith-and-hope-prize-logo-297x300

From June 2013 LYFF functioned through a series of informal get-togethers, which resulted in a proposal by Zoë Ansah that included 'Faith Pause' - an online series of video clips of young people talking about faith. Meanwhile, collaboration was developed with Lambeth College and in April 2014 a 'Faiths in Five Minutes' event was delivered at the Vauxhall Centre as part of the College's Faith Awareness programme. This was followed up by participation in the Freshers Fairs at both the Vauxhall and the Clapham Centres in September 2014. Faiths in Five Minutes was delivered again at the Clapham Centre in April 2015.

lambeth college logo

Bridging Youth and Faith

FTiL wants to foster knowledge and understanding between the faith communities in Lambeth, and to help break down stereotyping and prejudice, especially among younger people.

Our first piece of work was to map the activities for young people organised by the faith communities in Lambeth. You can download and read the report here.

We followed this up with projects to bring younger people from different faith communities together in a Lambeth Youth Faith Forum (LYFF).