It has been an unsettling week, to say the least. I found myself in Haifa last Sunday, watching images of emergency vehicles parked across the top of Prentis Road in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. Upon arriving back, my first duty was to attend the annual interfaith breakfast, held this year at the local mosque and hosted by our good friend, Mohammed. As I looked around the room this morning, beyond all the visible differences that set us apart, I sensed a togetherness that was more pronounced than before. Adverse events can have such an effect. As we think about all those directly affected, let us return to synagogue not quite as usual on Saturday. Something has changed; not to deter us, but to strengthen us. Our community, as part of a wider one in Streatham.

Rabbi Nathan Godleman, Thought for the Week in the weekly newsletter of South London Liberal Synagogue, Friday 7th February 2020