Faiths Together in Lambeth is repeating an initiative that had some useful results last year. Grants of up to £100 are being offered to a small number of FTiL Member or Associate Organisations in order to enable them to hold a hospitality event (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, ... ) that has a multi-faith participation.


  • Qualifying hospitality events must take place in the month of May 2012 or soon afterwards (so could include the Jubilee Weekend for example).
  • The FTiL Management Committee will want to be convinced that events receiving grants will bring together people of different faiths (preferably 3 or more faiths).
  • FTiL will need to receive a request by e-mail before an event can be considered for a grant.
  • Grants will be awarded to qualifying events on a first come first served basis.

We look forward to receiving applications for these grants. New Member Organisations will have as much chance as established ones. You can apply for membership from this website.

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