The Inter Faith Stall at Lambeth Country Show (after)


Lambeth Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park usually takes place over a weekend in July but this year (its 38th) the Olympics and Paralympics pushed it into mid-September. Faiths Together in Lambeth proposed an inter faith stall (a first) and South London Inter Faith Group responded enthusiastically. In the end 7 organisations collaborated to put the stall together and 19 people from 5 faiths combined to staff the stall throughout the Saturday and Sunday. Large numbers of people attended the Show. Of course, relatively few of them came to visit the inter faith stall but still, it felt like something well worth doing. The dates for next year have been announced (it’s back in July – the 20th and 21st) and already there are some ideas for an inter faith stall mark 2.

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