10th Anniversary of FTiL

Monday 12th November 2018

6pm - 8pm in the Assembly Hall at Lambeth Town Hall

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Three speakers reflected on FTiL’s civic role after 10 years.

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Nine stalls pointed to what can be done to help provide positive options for younger people.

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6.00pm                Arrivals - vegetarian buffet open and stalls in action

6.30pm                Simon Messinger        Lambeth & Southwark Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police Service

6.40pm                Juney Muhammad      Community Development Services Manager, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

6.50pm                Saleha Jaffer               Mayor of Lambeth 2016/17 and Founder Trustee of FTiL

7.00pm                Stalls and buffet continued

7.15pm                Stall holders’ headlines

Dwaynamics - Lorraine Jones

Near Neighbours - Elizabeth Fewkes

School Pastors - Cherie Thomas

Streatham Youth & Community Trust - Angie Foran

The Baytree Centre - Rosanna Zach and Caley Holmboe

Mental health First Aid - Phil Cotgreave and Maureen Johnson

Mitzvah Day - Irfan Mohammed

Lambeth Cruse - Val Poole

Lambeth Healthwatch  - Natalia Sali

7.45pm                Networking continued

8.00pm                Disperse

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